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ideas to market fast

Wavecode works with telecom clients to help them view and understand the complexities of their networks.  Our software helps engineers resolve problems faster, and in a more standardized manner, thus avoiding disparities due to differences in implementation.

As telecom companies cut back on staff, software will continue to play a more integral role in solving problems that were once only solved by humans.  Wavecode specializes in developing solutions that embed intricate engineering knowledge, allowing a smaller staff to operate at an efficient, cost effective level.



Wavecode works hard to stay ahead of its customers problems, by anticipating issues they will experience as they update to new technologies.  Innovation is key to the evolution of business, and it’s a core practice in Wavecode’s day to day operations.  The engineering expertise that Wavecode puts into it’s products helps our customers obtain very large returns on their investment.


Wavecode develops enterprise software solutions developed in Java, delivered to the client’s browser.  No software needs to be installed on a user’s desktop, other than a browser.  All of our software is optimized to provide fast, and reliable interaction with the user.

Services & Support

Wavecode provides services to its customers that help reduce the customer’s involvement in our software.  This frees our customers from busy work and allows them to obtain fully detailed reports that provide only what they need to get their job done, the detailed steps to solve a problem or reduce costs in their network.

why choose wavecode?

Wavecode’s core competency is software for the telecom industry.  Since 1999 Wavecode has been developing software that has solved real world telecom problems.  Wavecode’s software includes troubleshooting base stations, resolving alarms, returning radios to service, A-number and B-Number routing, detecting incorrect switch configurations, the optimal routes switches should have, and a plethora of other issues faced by engineers and technicians in their day to day jobs.

If a telecom company wishes to reduce its costs, while maintaining high quality standards, it should look to software to help solve this problem.  Wavecode’s numerous years in the telecom industry, coupled with its world class software and intellectual property, make it a perfect fit for carriers that are in need of cost reduction software and services.